1. Accounts Payable Gain full control over your company's cash flow and immediate access to outstanding creditor information. 2. Accounts Receivable with effective debt management, you can make sure that your cash flow is optimized and your company's overall balance sheet remains healthy. 3. Cash Management Monitor cash flow accurately and make informed decisions about immediate expenditure. 4. Credit Management The software provides a centralized credit control function with an integrated transactional account and payment process that helps your client make periodic payment. Credit limit and bank statements of clients are used to keep credit line in check or collateral can be used. 5. Fixed Assets Take control of your assets and their depreciation. This feature helps you keep comprehensive asset records and can be used individually or as part of the procurement process. 6. Payment methods (For Clients) Different method of client payment is made available. Accept cash, cheque, credit and payment of account (payment installment) that helps clients to access product they do not have ready cash for while the company uses the money to run the business. 7. Financials Payment details of clients Periodic Bills of the company Cost of operation ( overheads) Payroll , P.A.Y.E , wages, employee benefit (salaries) Trial balance Income statement Reconciliation Bank statement Bank reconciliation Ledger Journal Balance sheet Expenses ( expenditure) Customer transaction Periodic Sales/Revenue Reports (ad hoc) Graph of total sales by month and year (ad hoc) Assets (depreciation)
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